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Here at Kingsriver we have provided residential services for over 20 years. We have a number of houses around the Kilkenny area, catering to a wide range of resident needs.

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Kingsriver's residential services promotes independence for all our residents, with the very clear aim of helping them settle into a home, and lifestyle of their own choice. We incorporate the UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities to have:

  1. Individual autonomy.

  2. The opportunity to be actively involved in decision making processes.

  3. The opportunity to access the physical, social, economic and cultural environment.

Kingsriver delivers independence by using a wide range of values and practices that seeks to support, establish trust and build positive healthy relationships, respect and accept adults multiple identities and provide adults with decision making power.​


Kingsriver Community believes that a high standard of care is one that promotes positive wellbeing. Each member of Kingsriver is equally valued in a culture that encourages inclusion and togetherness.

Wellbeing is the understanding of a person’s daily purpose, quality of their relationships, security and the pride in contributing to one’s community. At Kingsriver we value the interaction between all of these elements to ensure a holistic approach to every person's wellbeing.

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Physical Health

Physical health is a corner stone in any individuals standard of life. At Kingsriver we emphasise the importance of living a balanced, healthy life to residents. Central to this is an encouragement to partake in healthy nutrition, as well as physical activities. Our residents partake in a number of activities in the community including, boxing, hiking, gardening, and walks. Central to physical health is a mental state of contentment. Kingsriver aids this by providing a strong sense of community and belonging to each and every resident.

Life Skills

Honing day-to-day life skills is a natural element of any person's development. Providing a setting that incubates development of these skills, as well as providing healthy challenges is of utmost importance to Kingsriver Community. On a daily basis staff provide support to residents in learning these skills, in-turn this fosters a greater degree of independence for the individual.

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