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Christmas Shoebox Collection


Our Christmas celebrations for 2022 here at Kingsriver kicked off with our shoebox collection for Team Hope. Team Hope began their mission of helping disadvantaged children overseas in 2010. Stemming from their Christian foundation, Team Hope call on compassion as a mechanism to combat oppression, and attempt to develop a society with fair opportunity and equality for all individuals. Team Hope is an Irish based organisation with focus on the disadvantaged areas across Africa and Eastern Europe.

Team Hope do an annual Christmas shoebox appeal. These shoebox's are filled with Christmas gifts for those not fortunate enough to have their own. See below Elio from Albania, filled with joy after receiving his shoe box last year.


Team Hope had delivered up to 2.1 million shoeboxes to vulnerable children before beginning 2022's campaign in October. Kingsriver joins this years campaigning along with 1000s of more across the country supporting their appeal. Kingsriver gathered 31 shoeboxes from staff, participants and their family's to contribute to the cause.


Huge thank you to our day services team lead, Joy for her hard work in organising our collection. Massive thank you to all staff, participants and families who contributed to our collection.

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