Celebrating together


Life Sharing is a social model where everyone lives and works together, sharing meals, social interaction, all of the communal activities of a normal home environment. 

As a volunteer you have your own room and your duties involve a maximum of 38 hours per week on a rota basis, in line with ESC requirements.  Your free time is your own.

Volunteer galleries and Project Life give more details of activities that Volunteers are involved in. While this is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your English language skills, your participation depends on your ability to speak English.

Kingsriver has a good track record of working successfully with ESC and non-ESC volunteers:

  • Our Staff are well experienced with ESC; they are multi-cultural themselves.
  • There are lots of non-formal learning opportunities for volunteers.
  • Mentors are available and work outside the project.
  • We have an in-house induction period of 3 weeks and an external evening course (two evenings per month) in which volunteers get the opportunity to learn more about the work they do. Subjects include: autism, epilepsy, downs syndrome etc.
We are accredited as a sending and coordinating organisation for ESC volunteers, by Léargas  the Irish National Agency.

For detailed information about being an ESC volunteer click here 

Contact for the Volunteering Coordinator:


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