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Tyrone's Big Fight

Tyrone joined Kickboxing in February. Tyrone tried several different clubs in Kilkenny before finding his perfect trainers, Owen and Adam. From early on Tyrone had a keen interest, informing his trainers that he would like to fight in the 3 arena someday. Owen told Tyrone that “If you're serious, nothing is impossible and we can make everyone’s dreams come true, but, we will need commitment and perseverance”.
Tyrone and his trainers devised a plan of action for Tyrone's training. They informed Tyrone he would need to follow some rules, these included, eating right, training right, sleeping right and being respectful.
Tyrone attends kickboxing 3 evenings a week, and trains incredibly hard at each session. Owen and Adam seen his dedication and decided to put him forward for a fight in their upcoming show. Tyrone was elated at such news and couldn’t wait to get in the ring.
On the 22nd of July fight night arrived. Tyrone was as ready as he could ever be thanks to his dedication to training. There were 15 fights that night, the crowd were only interested in one, the main event.

The ring announcer said his name, he began his walk, and the crowd went insane. Tyrone received a standing ovation, as well as a guard of honour from his kickboxing friends. Tyrone had loads of support with some of his friends and staff from Kingsriver, his parents, and his siblings all joining the crowd. As Tyrone raised his hands in the air, he knew this was where he belonged. Tyrone entered the ring and bounced around with confidence. After a quick flurry of shadow boxing, Tyrone was ready to take on his opponent. 

Round one, ding ding. Tyrone goes straight in there with left and right hooks, feet gliding around the ring. Owen was taking all the damage, Tyrone remained unscathed. Round 2, Tyrone is showing no signs of slowing down, Owen just can’t seem to keep up! Round 3, Owen's movements begin to seem laboured with fatigue. Everyone could see Owen couldn’t keep up
with the blistering pace Tyrone set. In the closing moment's of the round Owen's feet begin to stagger, ding ding, saved by the bell! Tyrone smells blood and goes back to his corner for advice. Tyrone's coach Adam gives him his final pointers and tells him to close the show. Tyrone begins the 4th round with viscous intent. It doesn’t take long for him to land the money shot. Owen hits the canvas, the count begins, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... it's all over. Tyrone's hard work had paid off and he was declared winner by Knockout. Screams of joy and elation roar throughout the crowd. Tyrone runs and jumps on the ropes, raising his hands in victory, the look of pride in his face only dwarfed by that of his family and friends. Tyrone goes back upstairs and enjoys a well deserved beer while all of his team mates swarm him for photo's.
The only thing on Tyrone's mind? When's the next fight?

Ty in Ring.jpg

Massive thank you to Owen, Adam and all the team involved in such a momentous night for Tyrone. Your time, effort, and interest in Tyrone is greatly appreciated by all at Kingsriver Community.

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