Larger than Life 3D sculpture project

Project Life

At Kingsriver Community we consider that a quality life is one where people enjoy health and wellbeing, use skills, exercise choices and have opportunities to express themselves; gain the respect of others, enjoy meaningful relationships and participate in their community.

We aim to do this by:
  • providing an environment where everyone is valued equally
  • providing a range of activities, experiences, education and training that enables each person to develop and reach their full potential
  • providing a safe environment and a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a life-sharing model
  • supporting each person to be active in the local and wider community.

At Kingsriver Community we offer a wide variety of programmes focused on each individual’s needs.

Our purpose is to support the person in the key areas of:
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Skills Development
  • Maximising Independence
  • Community Inclusion
  • Home life

Project Life supports the implementation of the 12 outcomes of New Directions at our Centre in Stoneyford and at Innovation Bridge in Kilkenny City.

Kingsriver Community Innovation Bridge

Innovation Bridge based at Patrick’s Court, Kilkenny City, offers community based support, training and education opportunities for people to achieve their goals. We provide money management, training skills, computer skills and incorporate life skills. Using the bank, post office, library and online events are everyday activities to launch the participants into real life engagement.

The core objective of Innovation Bridge is starting and building a business. For many people living with a disability breaking into the business world can be overwhelming. In Innovation Bridge we link participants with local social enterprise to build on an idea to realisation.

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