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Studio 3 - Managing Signs of Distress

Studio 3 courses are based around equipping students with the capabilities of responding to a stress related behaviour, in a manner that best suits the individual. Skills learned help to maintain the dignity of the client, as well as the relationship with staff. The goal of Studio 3 training is to  provide de-escalation training, which not only seeks to control crisis situations, but avoid them altogether



​The course is largely suited to social care or healthcare professionals. There may also be transferable skills to areas such as education.


​The course instructor is Sean O'Callaghan. Sean is a Team Leader in our Residential Services here at Kingsriver. Sean has over 30 year of experience in social care, ranging across a wide variety of services. Sean has experience in children's service's, as well as both youth and adult disability services. Sean has a wealth of first hand experience across houses with mild, moderate and high support.


​The course will be delivered in person at our centre in Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny.

How Long:

​The full Managing Signs of Distress course takes 3 days. This is delivered in 3 consecutive days.

The low arousal format of the course has less physical intervention elements, and takes 2 days to complete.

For tailor made course's around specific behaviours, contact

How Much:

​3 Day Managing Signs of Distress: €300

2 Day Low Arousal Foundation: €200

Course Content:

  • Legal Issues

  • Nature of Violence Expressed by Individuals with Disabilities

  • Carers’ Reactions and Tolerances to Challenging Behaviour.

  • Framework for Understanding the Causes of Stress-related Behaviour

  • Introduction to Low Arousal Approaches

  • Introduction to Debriefing

  • Managing Versus Changing Behaviours

  • Physical Interventions

  • Practising the Low Arousal Approaches and Physical Skills Together

  • Using Movement to Defuse a Situation

  • Role-plays


​On the final day each student may be tasked to demonstrate a skill learned during the course. Once the instructor is satisfied that students are adequately knowledgeable, the students will be deemed successful in the course.


On successful completion of the course students will receive a Studio 3 - Managing Signs of Distress, or Studio 3 - Low Arousal Foundation certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years from date of completion.

For Group Booking or Enquiries Please Contact:

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