Kingsriver Community is Recruiting

Pat and Jet Phelan of Kingsriver CommunityDue to the impending retirement of the current management team, a married couple, a vacancy now exists to recruit their replacements.

Pat and Jet Phelan, founders of Kingsriver have nurtured the Community since its inception in 1987. They are now ready to welcome the next generation who are willing and able to steer Kingsriver with vision and a commitment to its special ethos into a bright future.

Applicants need to have appropriate management and people skills and have relevant experience working with people with intellectual disabilities.

The successful applicants will share the management load with the current management team until their retirement and they would then continue that management role with the help of new personnel to be recruited. It is envisaged that the period to the retirement of the current team would be no later than September 2019.
Kingsriver has its own person centred approach to its work. This approach has been developed over many years with love and care, a lot of fun and creativity and a constant focus on the uniqueness of each individual who’s care, well-being and progression has been entrusted to Kingsriver.

If you feel you have the qualities, experience and values to take on these roles, please go to the Careers page on our website for further details.

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