Volunteer Activities

Organising and implementing social activities for our adults with special needs is part of the great help received from Volunteers. Heres is some more >>

* Horse riding:
Volunteers join a group of other volunteers and people with special needs in an equestrian centre and enable them to enjoy taking part in horse riding.  Mostly the volunteer walks beside the horse and holds the person with special needs. This activity is once per week and trained staff is available at all times.
* Walks daily.
Volunteer accompanies one or more people for a walk in our local area.
* Yoga; once per week.
Volunteer joins in the yoga lesson and helps a person with special needs.
* Drumming:
Volunteer joins in with the drumming session and helps a person to stay in the right rhythm.
* Shopping:hillwalking activities at Kingsriver
Volunteer accompanies an adult with special needs to enable them to go shopping or maybe have some tea or lunch in town.
* Home activities:
Volunteer helps some one with writing an e-mail on computer, making a puzzle, playing a game of chess, etc. (This depends also on the volunteers skills and hobbies.)
* Volunteer helps person with special needs in the swimming pool; training for this available
* Hill walking:
Volunteer accompanies people with special needs on hill walking trip, experienced guide is leader.
* Inclusive sport partnership Kilkenny;
This is a local organisation that tries to include people with special needs in sport facilities available locally. Volunteers accompany our people to take part end take part themselves.

2. Cooking lunch or dinner:

Twice per week; once lunch, once dinner.
Volunteer first cooks with an experienced person to learn about health and safety issues, the amounts and how the kitchen equipment works. Then the volunteer cooks the meal by themselves, but support is close-by. Eventually the volunteer will learn to cook together with a person with special needs, enabling them to learn new skills an planning out the menu together, thinking about timekeeping and health and safety aspects.

3. Helping in the garden, assisting a person with special needs:

Gardener will introduce volunteer to the different skills needed in the garden, depending on the time of the year.
Work could be: sowing, planting, digging, harvesting, mowing, pruning, and weeding.  A group of people works always together in the garden.
Depending on the season and the volunteer’s interest this can be one morning per week or 5 mornings per week.
4. Helping in the craft workshop:

* During the introduction period, the volunteer will learn the basics of the different crafts we do.
A trained craft instructor is always available in the craft area. Volunteers have also the opportunity to introduce us to a craft they know.  Depending on the season and the interest of the volunteer this activity can happen two afternoons or more per week.
* Taking part in a wood sculpting project, two other organisations  participate in this workshop.
* Helping in the woodwork shop; training from qualified cabinetmaker available.
* Helping in screen printing workshop; training available.volunteer activities kingsriver

5.  Light maintenance

Volunteer can be involved in improving a certain area in the project:: painting, renovation, cleaning etc
6. Literacy, computer skills, independent living skills and communication skills:

Volunteer’s participation depends on ability to speak English.

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